The Legacy Continues...

Our mission is to preserve the TRUE history of black people, so that it may inspire the black family to walk the path of greatness just as our ancestors did. The legacy of our people is much more than what we were taught in most schools. We are the original people of the world and there is nowhere on earth where you can't find a history of Black Greatness

The Name:

The name Kabede is of Ethiopian origin. It is derived from an Amharic expression (Kebede), which means "heavy and strong". The messages that we share through the brand are meant to motivate the Black Man and Black Woman to rise and become strong and powerful like our ancestors.

The Logo:

The Kabede logo is a symbol comprised of different symbols. The most prominent of the symbols is the EYE. The eye symbolizes the omniscience of GOD as the Great Mind which created and directs the universe. The DROPPING TEAR symbolizes the trials and tribulations that our people have went through; that we still go through. The CRESENT MOON symbolizes the intuitiveness of our people. We are spiritual people and the universe or GOD speaks to us in ways that transcend our 5 senses. The STAR symbolizes the guidance of our ancestors. The TRIANGLE symbolizes the balance of the body, the mind, and the spirit.